Monday, December 30, 2013

Dumaguete City - best place to relax and enjoy

Dumaguete City - best place to relax and enjoy
by: Mole Antolo

I will not sound biased just because half of my youth was spent in Dumaguete city. Way back 2 decades ago, I just love running around the simple streets of  the City. We used to leave just a few blocks away from my school, so I'm one of the many DumaguĂ«tenos who just love to walk from one place to another. Even before, tricycle was one of the prime means of transportation here.

November 2013 was one the best month and year in my entire being. After 1989, I was blessed to visit again Dumaguete, my hometown even though I was not born here, I consider half of my life stays here forever. After 2 decades, I finally met my 3 siblings from my father's side and Alas! I got 3 instant tour guide. Hehehe! So they tour us around the city. 

We Start off with Quezon park which is also near Cathedral church.
Big SIGN taken at the Park in Dumaguete with my Siblings and partner.

The Fruit Marang
Marang was the first fruit offered by Mommy when we get there. Not Bananas or Mangoes which are common, but Marang. To be honest, in my 30years of existing, this is my first time to eat this fruit and taste good.
fruit called "MARANG"

Few places to See

 My 3 tour guide bring us in Quezon Park, where I get to see the Bell Church where I used to go when I was about 8 or 9 years old. Big change in the park from where I used to play around. No more "comics stands" on the sides, my favorite place in the world. I used to read 5 to 8 local comics in one sitting. I check the old location of my favorite place, but i see it no more. Big improvement and more safer for the children to play around. 

Just across the street you will see the Cathedral Church where you will find Dumaguete's landmark, the Dumaguete Belfry.

Silliman University
Dumaguete City is known for this university. The university offers courses fits for every youth. You can visit their crocodile farm, auditorium etc. I used to dream of studying here when I was a kid but due to some twist of fate I studied in Manila. At least my 3 siblings graduated here , all graduated as Magna Claude. I guess they inherit their brains from their eldest..hehehe! Love my own.

+Silliman's shuttle bus is the recent addition to the university facilities.
Rizal Boulevard
In the morning, we walk from Cathedral Church to Rizal boulevard. I told you, transportation is not a problem here. Cool air breeze. Smooth wind that blows my face reminds me of my childhood, I felt a little pinch in my heart but I whisper in the wind "Mama, I am glad. I am home again".

FOOD for taste buds

FOOD.. of course who wants to missed the food. Jo's chicken inato or grilled chiken was superb at a very affordable price. My Dad treat us all here for dinner. You will eat all up to the bones, because it's just so juicy and tasty. The exciting part here is you will eat using your hands only that's why its called "kamayan".

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For Night life, just to satisfy our watery mouth with few beers and all, we really enjoyed the foods and drinks here in BLUE MONKEY GRILL near Rizal boulevard by night. Nice place to chat and chill.The price here are so affordable so you won't worry much with your budget.

So if you happen, to visit Dumaguete have a few drinks here. Waiters will served you with smiling faces.

Sans Rival Cakes and Pastries

Sans Rival is additional satisfaction for our taste buds. Early morning on our 2nd day, we have our breakfast at +Sans Rival Cakes and Pastries located at San Jose street near Rizal Boulevard. The place is cozy and relaxing.

Looking for Adventure?

Adventure? Here is the newest dare devil experience here in the Philippines found in Dumaguete. Zip Line @ Tierra Alta in Calindagan is just a few minutes away from city proper. My youngest sister and my partner are brave enough to try. Me? maybe next time. Just maybe..hmmmm..hehehehe..

Where to Stay?
I recommend a clean and at the same time cheap hotel, the +GoHotels. It was a few steps away from Robinson place Dumaguete which is located at the city proper. The place are all automated, the price is very affordable. With our 2 days and 3 nights stay there, we only spent 3000 pesos plus with shuttle from the hotel to the airport.

Ever Mall was used to be Ever Theater.

Our few days stay in +Dumaguete City is one of my memorable and relaxing vacation ever, and will go back their to visit more nice places outside the city proper. There are other places not included in the attached photos. If you want to see MORE photos, you may visit my FB account. We really enjoy our vacation but at the same time did not spent much.This is the place which you can get to spent your free time to relax and not worrying your budget. 

Monday, December 16, 2013

1st Christmas without Mama

“I believe in Love at first sight because I have love my mother ever since I opened my eyes.”, I read this line this morning from the internet and I agree. It's almost 3months now since my beloved Mother passed away after battling with Pancreatic Cancer. In a family, mostly, MOTHER is really the light of the house, blanket when you feel cold, fire when you are cold and a hanky each time tears fall from your eyes.

At first, I don’t really feel like celebrating Christmas though it is really fast approaching. I just hang our PAROL (Christmas lantern) this Saturday afternoon, I don’t want my Mama to see our house, from afar, and that it has no Christmas decorations. Until now I still don’t have any plans for December 25 except from visiting my siblings on my mother's side.

 I know even if I don’t speak or mention it to my partner, she knows what I feel. This is the first Christmas that I will be spending without my Mother. I've been with her all my life; we’ve spent  ups and downs together, shares secrets and sometime argue but the end of the day she is still my mother who understands and love me. 

I never have problem coming-out to her because there is no confirmation or questions asked, she just know it maybe because she is my mother. I will not trade Mama for anything in this world; 

Her Love for her children is so selfless that even to her last days she still thinks of our own welfare.
Just imagine in my age, when she was still here with us, she still hug and kissed me wherever and whenever. I am super sad right now, I think my "mental shield" is starting to melt down and I don’t have the strength to charge it again.

But Mama gives me a good foundation; she used to say "a lot of problems may come our way before December but there still a reason for this season. 

Christmas is a celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth and it was already installed by my mother ever since I was a kid. So just like the song goes “Sapat nang si Hesus ang kasama mo,Tuloy na tuloy parin ang pasko”. 

Sometimes, I can still feel Mama around; she is now one of my angels up in heaven. I know, when the time come that we will meet there, I know she still knows me and welcome me with her warm hugs and kisses because she is my mother forever. The 2nd person I love, next to God.

Mother is always a mother in whatever form God create her.

Source: Images from “30 Maternal Love Photographs by Eric Shafer"

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tara! Lets Celebrate Christmas in the Philippines!

Tara! Let's Celebrate Christmas in the Philippines!
By: MOLE Antolo

Christmas spirit is in the air. Can you smell it? If you are in a beauty contest and asked "what is the essence of Christmas?" 

What would you answer in return? Hmmm... Probably “a MAJOR MAJOR gifts to come, i thank you”, funny but partly true, right? Others might think I am considerate to those people who are affected with the calamities that hit our country, Hell no! That's the reason why I am sharing this because Filipinos are Fighter, we are not the kind of species who just sat down and cry to death. After all what had happened, we get up then start to fight again and even some of us celebrate Christmas even in their smallest way.

People are so busy thinking where and how to spend Christmas. Gifts are raining everywhere specially for the children. We are so busy decorating our houses and thinking what gifts to give.  Though some of us hated Christmas for this maybe because of the big letter “B”- budget or maybe they are lack of money and think they are poorer than the others.

But for most Filipinos, they celebrate Christmas with or without plenty of money in any possible way they can. As early as September, Christmas songs fill almost all the radio station, some decorate their houses with Christmas décor ignoring the passing of Halloween and amaze our eyes with their colorful Christmas lights.

Here are some Filipino ways of celebrating Christmas which makes us different from the other countries:

  • Parol or Filipino Christmas Lantern   
As early as September some Filipinos adorned colorful Lantern on their houses, offices, school and even shopping malls. A Filipino lantern often made out of creativity of Filipinos, some are made of Capiz, bamboo wrap in colorful art papers or even recycle materials.

  • Simbang Gabi
 A Filipino Christmas tradition of 9 masses, start at 16th of December, and Filipinos start attending mass at 4:00 am and ends at midnight 24th of December. There are old saying that if you complete the 9 series of mass, whatever your prayers will come true.

  • Monita/Monita  or Exchange Gifts 
 A Filipino tradition of gift giving and a Filipino version of Kris Kringle.

  • Christmas Caroling in the Philippines 
Filipinos are known as lover of music, even youngsters. As soon as Simbang Gabi starts, children jump from house to another singing Christmas carols and exchange of their wonderful songs the house owner gave them something in return a coins or a bread.

  • Christmas tree
Traditional way of making Christmas tree, made from different kinds of local materials since Pine trees are not available in most places here in the Philippines. Decorate it with colorful lights.

Filipinos consider this as the counter part of Thanks Giving celebration.
  • Noche Buena 
A very special occasion for Filipinos, a feast on Christmas Eve, rich or poor. A family reunion of immediate distant family member and good time to drink. A Filipino family tradition not only about food but traditions of a Filipino close family ties. Suman sa ibos (sticky rice wrapped in coconut leaves), Leche flan (egg custard) are the popular desert during this season.

A very wondrous season to celebrate the power of love and to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. So enjoy Christmas in Filipino way and be merry all year round!

source: Christmas in the Philippines by mmdelrosario

Friday, December 6, 2013

Improve Personality and get RICH

So how are you? Checking for my very first POST! So come on, open it now and answer the question that will pop-out.

When we talk Personal, it is something that is very broad discussion which sometimes mislead us to somewhere else. So let us just talk some part of it, let us extract the inner of it: “Personality”. The inner thing, the result of any human being’s experience. 

Personality is something that makes a person easy to recognize, uniqueness within.
If you feel that your attitude towards yourself or unto others, you might want to check again just in case.  I think it is a mandatory step for you to change but if you do nothing, never will ever change for you. Just befriend with time because you will be buddies as you work on with your weaknesses, later on you’ll realize that you are now have a content life.So never, never give up what your heart, if in any case you are experiencing difficulty in your life right now just believe in yourself. There are various factors that you might want to consider but don’t ever forget that your emotion has the biggest factor and you should learn to control it to have the way that is most beneficial for you. 

Want to overcome hurdles? Then try to have a positive attitude and believe, believe in your strong points.   

Here are few ways to improve our personality, you might want to get one and bring it along with you in your daily life.

1.    Learn to have respect for others

Actually this tip is on #3 but I consider this as my #1. I guess an individual should first need to respect others to gain respect, right? As a mature individual, your eyes and perception is not only limited on the ground your standing but rather to the surroundings and to the people around you. You should be true to your word and never lie to others. This way you will build up a personality that will be loved and appreciated by those around you. No man is an island right?

2.    Pick the people you hang out with

“Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are”, a Mexican proverb stating of how kind of person you are because you get along well with your peers. The people who you hang around with are very important because they can lead you to either doing good things or bad things. They are an extremely important piece of the personality puzzle. Stick with friends that can inspire you and can help you in your personality.

3.    Where can you go right now?

Go and see new places! Just don’t stay in your comfort zone. Get out and see the world if the budget is not right, try to explore the beauty of the Philippines. Have you set your feet on the sand of Boracay, try and enjoy the scenery. In exploring yourself you might discover something that was hidden inside you that can help you more in your personality discovery.


4.    How to improve personality traits? Become a real listener

Listen to others and don’t be an introvert. Your personality needs this so listen! If your personality now is more of a talker than a listener, I guess you should learn to shut your mouth for a while and learn from others who are great in listening and share their ideas on something but are not demanding what to do.

5.    How hard can you laugh?

Jim Carrey, Robin Williams and count Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) in; what are common to these people? They are all funny men and well loved even by the Queen. People who crack jokes even in a very difficult situation are sometimes called “gifted” by others because they make you realized that life is beautiful, and so many reason to laugh. Even you enjoy the company of someone who makes you laugh, or smile. 

6.    Wear a Good Dress

Finally, don’t forget the important of all; wear a good dress for your success. To look more smart and confident, be a well-dressed person. Be confident and forget the carefree attitude.

Those tips are just tips, at least a little ample of idea. Don’t attempt to be someone you are not because you might fall back. Always remember we are unique in our own ways and that is something that makes us more interesting even to our bosses. Just welcome yourself to changes that will make your life become more successful in the near future.

Our personal aura will tell us what kind of person we are. So let go of some emotional baggage because it can hinder your dreams to become successful and try to become more motivated. Don't allow low-self esteem manipulate your life instead destroy the root that causes your problems in order to cure it perfectly.

 So until my next post. I hope this can help you cope with what you have right now.

Source: How to improve personality by © 2010 The quest for personal development.

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