Saturday, September 20, 2014

Field trip at Marikina Shoe museum

Gala in Marikina Shoe Museum  (Mole Antolo)

Its been a decade since I've planned to visit Marikina City just to see the famous Giant Shoes. And so I thank my friend Jing Villanueva for touring us around Marikina.. 

outdoor Display of Giant shoes adjacent to Marikina Shoes Museum
outdoor Display of Giant shoes adjacent to Marikina Shoe Museum
So after work that one fine Saturday afternoon, off we went to Marikina. 
We meet Jing's makulit na daughter, Zoe. So while waiting, we make fun of ourselves in front of the camera. hehehehe.

with my friend Jing, believe it or not Mom eto ni Zoe

photo ops while waiting for Zoe

Little Zoe with Roxie

The entrance of the museum is simple but very classic, like a Spanish Era ang peg. 
Before you can start your mini-tour inside the museum, you need to register first.
Marikina Shoe Museum entrance
Ads: Smile and sign before enter

The ambiance inside Marikina Shoe Museum is so Classic.
A giant like pole of shoes made of wood beside a giant shoe first catch my eyes.
There are different brands, styles, shapes and colors of different shoes are all on display.
 kami lang ng little girl ang wacky. hehehe
At the 2nd floor, a large array of shoes display is own by the former First Lady of the Philippines, +Imelda Marcos' shoes is display and well kept here. A huge portrait of Imelda hangs above serving as a mini-shrine for her shoe collection. Sorry no photo available, they forbid us from taking shot of the biggest collection.All different kinds of shoes she owned for different occasions is display there, I am not a straight woman but those shoes, I know, are any woman wishes for.

getting EXCITED for our Food Trip

I am proud to make a simple and very educational field trip with the girls. 
Our next STOP? FOOD TRIP , wait for my next blog... 

So "BAKIT" I am so eager to visit Marikina? Aside from looking forward (sana) to see 
Mayor Bayani Fernando and ask him what is his plan for next election kaso hindi na pala 
nila hawak ang Marikina , I also don't want to be tagged as "estranghero sa sariling lupa".


At least I can share to others, nakarating na ako sa +Marikina Shoe Museum before I grow older than today. Kayo ba kelan? Visit Marikina Shoe Museum then make a side Food trip while the weather is fine (",).

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Then I asked God ...

 Then I ask God

Everything in this world came from the ONE 
who created the heaven and earth...
Everything we feel the pain, the happiness, 
the laughter and tears 
He is the one responsible..

When I was younger than today (hehehe)
I care less about the real meaning of life, 
my mother's hand landing on my butt, that is the only time I felt a tears running on  my cheeks..

Never did I imagine that Life would change ..
Never did I imagine that I will cry a million tears..
I never imagine that I will grow up to be a fighter
 on my own battle..

I continue asking myself why it happened 
I thought everything was OK 
Yes, I thought I have a perfect life, a happy family 
any kid could imagine ..
I grow up in a simple world..
Simple joys, simple dreams and simple toys
I never see them fight over each other then suddenly 
I was left alone, leaving in other else house 

Somewhere in my dreamland, came a dark cloud 
I never expected it coming and cover my candy coated life..
Just like any imagination, this have to end 
and wake up to reality..
At my very young age, I learned to STAND
I step out from that dreamland and ready myself for the battle

I don't understand coz I don't know whose to blame
I was very young then, those questions
 just keep jumping in and out off my brain...
And so I saved so much pain, anger and tears.

But because of the goodness of my creator
I realized and learned everything..

I thought those tears I cried was wasted 
    I realized, it only washes my eyes 
from the darkness that I see
I thought those sleepless nights made me weak 
    but then I learned that it just give some ample of time 
       to think and be tough for the next day.

When it happened, it happened because it need to happened..
Why it has to end? it has to end because a new start will begin...

I learned to accept Life and find the beauty of it..
I learned to appreciate and love the Life I have
All the Love I needed is right in front of me..

Then I asked God, Why are you so kind to me? 
So kind enough to help me realized 
the greatness of Life and the beauty of it

I will never be the person I am today 
if Life had been so easy to me..

Pina Colina - Perfect place to relax

Relax at PINA COLINA - Tagaytay Philippines 
(Mole Antolo)

I've been searching for a place to be private for awhile (as if artista), escape for awhile from work and to nosy people hehehe. While browsing the net for a place where I can make a reservation without using credit card (kasi I don't have one and I don't want one), the place catch my attention.The place have a nice scenery and I want to see it myself. 
So I check some reviews and make a reservation right away online then after a month I am off to +Pina Colina Resort . 

The resort is built on the pineapple plantation on top of the hill, so getting there through tricycle is already an adventure. 

Here's my very simple HOW TO GET THERE through commuting:
  • Since I don't have a car, i have motorcycle that I cannot use away from home (baka multuhin ako ni Inay), so from +Binan Laguna I take a jeepney to +Target Mall Sta Rosa then take the van going to Lipa just remind the driver to drop you at Olivarez Plaza Tagaytay City. Just be patience because the van will have to wait at least 10 passengers. Then from Olivarez plaza, take a tricycle to +Pina Colina Resort , the fare is only 70php.
  • Another commuting route will be from Manila, take a bus to Baclaran via Coastal Mall. Take a bus to Tagaytay -Olivarez via Aguinaldo Highway. Then take a jeepney to Olivarez Plaza or City Market then take a tricycle directly to +Pina Colina Resort . 

+Pina Colina Resort  have a cozy rooms where you can just sleep and relax all day. Just take a look at the room, this is the simplest room they have so just imagine other rooms that you might want to spent your nights.

If your body's in heat and you have nobody but you (hehehehe), well, just take a deep at the pool. You can have a cold drinks at the nipa hut like picnic table at the side of the pool. 

Their dining room is cozy too. We (yes may kasama ako,ano ako loner? Best to come here with someone or by groups) a very simple breakfast then off to make gala to Tagaytay. If you want to go around Tagaytay and you don't have a car, the staffs will call a tricycle for you then you can tell manong driver where you want to go, at least this is legit driver kasi kilala na ng resort staffs. 

I probably come here again, aside from they got a friendly staffs around who are so nice to take some of our photos kahit super kulit nang kasama ko "kuya kuya picture mo naman kami", pi-picture naman si kuya. This is one place you can be private and relax for a while. A very nice ambiance because the scenery, I would say is a breath taking. I would probably spent another vacation here. See you soon +Pina Colina Resort !

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