Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas won't be the same without you

Christmas is fast approaching. 10 days to go before we reach the season to be jolly .
I still can't believe Mama is not with us and I'm still imagining that she went abroad and can not come home because her contract is good for 20yrs. hehehe.. As a daughter, I really hope things would have been better " if ". But I'm done with " ifs ", so I post my last happy moments with Mama. 

My constant date every Christmas and New year had left me so soon , sabi ko sa'yo Ma, I would love to go first coz I can't bear the pain of seeing you going 6 feet under under..hehehe...
I know even though you are up there and i'm down here, we still have time to chat ( sa puso ko . hehehe ) ... A mother like you MA is something I never imagine that I would do if ever I have my own kids.  Now, every time I heard the word SACRIFICE , I always remember you...

Merry Christmas Mama and you will always stay in my heart. I will surely missed your sweet smile and hugs but I know time will come that we will meet again, when ? I don't know pero wag muna ngayon may iiyak eh. hehhehe.. I love you Ma and I will keep you smiling from above in my own little ways...

Wala lang story ( Lovestory or something) by Mole Antolo

This is new.. This is not angst or something but just my point of view. Read it or not, just Read it. hehehe.

What is the real face of one relationship ? Is this like the story of a peasant girl who falls in love with a prince thing?

Are you the idealistic kind, having an ideal girl-boy relationship,parang "boy meets girl relationship".  Sweet-sweetan lang sa side, wah care if  kahit pa si guy may wifey or girl na iba basta, ba ang nakikita mo is ok kasi boy at girl naman? Ang tangkad nya! Ang puti! Ang Gwapo pero may asawa.. Oks lang no?...  yun ba ang hanap nyong story.....


hehehe. Kidding aside, whatever relationship we have right now, girl-boy, girl-girl, boy-boy all we need to remind to our self -- i think  RESPECT with each other and "NO DEAD AIR" please, is what I believe some keys to have a healthy relationship.

When we find a new person to be with, we expect this is it,"this is the one for me" and then kanta ka ng "you're the one for me, you're my ectasy, you're the one i need"..  +Backstreet Boys days pa talaga ang paandar, then Boom! Kala mo kayo na talaga. Get up dude! I'll borrow one liner from my office mate "there is no such thing as forever". hmmm.. naiisip ko nga din or baka akala ko sya na yung forever ko . I was so idealistic that everyday would be a new day to change for the better.

Naisip ko din , what happen next nga pala after sumakay ni cinderella sa karwahe did they really go for their honeymoon? or baka nag away sila kung saan sila talaga titira? sa castle ba or sa forest since don naman lumaki si cinderella?

Mga stuffs like that, mga "arguements" like that what our frends and critics missed  to know. "basta" they will believe don sa imaginary facts nila, ang alam lang nila is, when two separate because - dot- dot- dot... counting ...          then loading........     then may makikita ang eyes nila...
     then buffering........... then loading..........

Whatever the reason is, walang dapat i explain sa kanila.. first buhay ng dalawang tao yun.
When they separate to whatever reasons,Please! WAH KAYO PAKELS  dapat ang peg lang.

Consider it bonus when the person involve shares the reason on why they separate if not naman, then respect diba. ayaw magkwento eh, wag ka nang mag imbestiga otherwise reporter ka and artista sila maiintidihan ko , pagkakakitaan mo yun eh.
      So , sa 1 tanong then sinagot naman. Please STOP! no further question na dapat diba...

So back to relationship... naniniwala ka bang may perfect na relationship? ano ba ang  perfect na relationship? Kasi I've been very idealistic about things then, everyday sa Life ko i dont consider it miserable but a battle ground of hopes. Hoping for a change since ok naman ang communication namin, I missed that part kasi hindi pala lahat napapag usapan and I thought I can push myself to wait for more, but anyway, sana lang I learned my lesson. Not to expect too much from my partner.
Not to expect too much like care, isa-saksak ko sa isip ko we are different individuals.

Iba't iba ang mukha ng tao. Ang iba sa una akala nila weak sila, pero some stuffs happen with their life. Along the way they change, they become strong as a person. So when a new person came to their life, they think they know how to deal with them.

 .... I parked my pen, Oppsss sorry keyboard na pala tong gamit ko. Ulitan, I stop my "wala lang story"  and leave a simple something to ponder.

So I say it now with care,

 Love is not a Sweet candy house everyday.. When  the day you decided to fall in love with that person bear in mind that Love like this is your last day on earth , Care but  don't and  never expect in return, Trust with all your heart and soul.

 Let Love flow through your veins and Let God do the work then you will see it will turn our all right. I don't mean that God never worked in my previous relationship but everything happen for a reason. In God's Perfect Timing.
+Vikings Mall of Asia

I don't Love because I need to but because I feel the love deep down inside and I don't want it to stop.

 I care because I love the person too much and I trust Love to help the relationship grow.. O sya sya tigil na to..

Monday, November 3, 2014

Bentot Tapsilogan in Binondo

Blast from the past by: Mole Antolo

Upon browsing our photos, I was so guilty that I missed to share this simple but rocking restaurant, "Bentot Tapsilogan" located in Tutuban Mall in Binondo Manila. 

The food are perfect for Filipino taste buds. The foods ends with the word silog - Tapsilog, Longsilog, Porksilog, Tocilog and Chicksilog. They offer native desserts like mais con yelo, gulaman and saging con yelo. The place is so classic, they got movie poster way back early 50's upto the late 90's. The glass table is place on the top of old bath tub (look at the picture below).

If you are fan of the old ads like "Eto ang Gusto ko" from the soda commercial of the late king of rap, +francis magalona you will surely enjoy eating here.
Great to be here in Tutuban. This is not for Christmas shopping but you can try their classic restaurants. Love to visit here again and again :) ..

Sunday, November 2, 2014

From the far away Land of VIGAN CITY - part I (Free to enjoy)

I treat myself in Vigan City by: Mole Antolo

This is not by accident that I happened to celebrate my birthday in +Vigan Ilocos Sur . I planned this for months and this is the best gift I can think of for +Mole Antolo (that's Me!) .

I recommend "Metro Vigan Inn" located in San Vicente, Ilocos Sur. The place is just 10 to 15mins away from the Plaza Salcedo. Superior double room with the price of Php 1500 (with free breakfast) per day is not bad for a budget hotel but not a cheap looking one (as you can see in the photos). The room has a flat screen tv, wifi ready, the bathroom is clean and the bed is so relaxing. The cafeteria is clean and relaxing to take a sip of coffee every morning.

I enjoy my stay in Vigan not only because I was away from work but I am enjoying the moment of my birth date. If you are backpacker like me, just call a tricycle and tell manong driver to take you to Baluarte zoo and pay Php80 only. I commend the tricycle drivers here, they are so accommodating. I visited Baluarte ZOO aside from the entrance is free, I enjoy  the colorful birds and the giant size of Dinosaurs.A bit disappointed because Singson is out of the country so there is no chance that the tiger can get to see the visitors.

Pottery making is one of the main source of living here in Vigan City and we are blessed to find a kind tricycle driver who took us to the place where export pots are made. Visiting this place is free and all you have to do is just give the pot maker a tip (don't be kuripot kasi wala na ngang bayad ang pagtanghod mo habang gumagawa sila ng pots).

I'll pause my story with the "dancing fountain" in Plaza Salcedo. This is one of the daily famous attraction and starts at 6:30 pm during week days and 7:00pm or 7:30pm during weekend and of course this is FREE, so what can you say about Vigan City. Wait for my Part 2 of my Vigan vacation you will really enjoy the restaurants and more.

hey! Did you count how many times did I mention "FREE"? Visit Vigan City and find out!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Pink Chiffon of Marikina - Food Trip

Pink for my Sweet by: Mole Antolo

Pink is not just for dresses but for your taste bud too...
So here I go with my post for this foodtrip..
We actually visit Pink chiffon in Marikina last June of this year.

After we stop at +Qizia cafe for our late lunch we set our feet and look for a place where we can satisfy our sweet sweet tooth. If you are kid at heart and love fancy foods, this is the place for you.

The cupcakes are very affordable for only Php 50, we ordered 4 different type and it was very delicious specially the Blueberry Cheesecake. They also offer pasta but maybe we can try those on our next visit.

The place is like your in a pink dollhouse, their walls are very relaxing (ahmm. i would say pink is my third favorite color.hehehe).

So if you are not from Marikina (just like me) and you want to visit this place, don't missed to stop by at Pink Chiffon and try how their sweetness really taste...

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Field trip at Marikina Shoe museum

Gala in Marikina Shoe Museum  (Mole Antolo)

Its been a decade since I've planned to visit Marikina City just to see the famous Giant Shoes. And so I thank my friend Jing Villanueva for touring us around Marikina.. 

outdoor Display of Giant shoes adjacent to Marikina Shoes Museum
outdoor Display of Giant shoes adjacent to Marikina Shoe Museum
So after work that one fine Saturday afternoon, off we went to Marikina. 
We meet Jing's makulit na daughter, Zoe. So while waiting, we make fun of ourselves in front of the camera. hehehehe.

with my friend Jing, believe it or not Mom eto ni Zoe

photo ops while waiting for Zoe

Little Zoe with Roxie

The entrance of the museum is simple but very classic, like a Spanish Era ang peg. 
Before you can start your mini-tour inside the museum, you need to register first.
Marikina Shoe Museum entrance
Ads: Smile and sign before enter

The ambiance inside Marikina Shoe Museum is so Classic.
A giant like pole of shoes made of wood beside a giant shoe first catch my eyes.
There are different brands, styles, shapes and colors of different shoes are all on display.
 kami lang ng little girl ang wacky. hehehe
At the 2nd floor, a large array of shoes display is own by the former First Lady of the Philippines, +Imelda Marcos' shoes is display and well kept here. A huge portrait of Imelda hangs above serving as a mini-shrine for her shoe collection. Sorry no photo available, they forbid us from taking shot of the biggest collection.All different kinds of shoes she owned for different occasions is display there, I am not a straight woman but those shoes, I know, are any woman wishes for.

getting EXCITED for our Food Trip

I am proud to make a simple and very educational field trip with the girls. 
Our next STOP? FOOD TRIP , wait for my next blog... 

So "BAKIT" I am so eager to visit Marikina? Aside from looking forward (sana) to see 
Mayor Bayani Fernando and ask him what is his plan for next election kaso hindi na pala 
nila hawak ang Marikina , I also don't want to be tagged as "estranghero sa sariling lupa".


At least I can share to others, nakarating na ako sa +Marikina Shoe Museum before I grow older than today. Kayo ba kelan? Visit Marikina Shoe Museum then make a side Food trip while the weather is fine (",).

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Then I asked God ...

 Then I ask God

Everything in this world came from the ONE 
who created the heaven and earth...
Everything we feel the pain, the happiness, 
the laughter and tears 
He is the one responsible..

When I was younger than today (hehehe)
I care less about the real meaning of life, 
my mother's hand landing on my butt, that is the only time I felt a tears running on  my cheeks..

Never did I imagine that Life would change ..
Never did I imagine that I will cry a million tears..
I never imagine that I will grow up to be a fighter
 on my own battle..

I continue asking myself why it happened 
I thought everything was OK 
Yes, I thought I have a perfect life, a happy family 
any kid could imagine ..
I grow up in a simple world..
Simple joys, simple dreams and simple toys
I never see them fight over each other then suddenly 
I was left alone, leaving in other else house 

Somewhere in my dreamland, came a dark cloud 
I never expected it coming and cover my candy coated life..
Just like any imagination, this have to end 
and wake up to reality..
At my very young age, I learned to STAND
I step out from that dreamland and ready myself for the battle

I don't understand coz I don't know whose to blame
I was very young then, those questions
 just keep jumping in and out off my brain...
And so I saved so much pain, anger and tears.

But because of the goodness of my creator
I realized and learned everything..

I thought those tears I cried was wasted 
    I realized, it only washes my eyes 
from the darkness that I see
I thought those sleepless nights made me weak 
    but then I learned that it just give some ample of time 
       to think and be tough for the next day.

When it happened, it happened because it need to happened..
Why it has to end? it has to end because a new start will begin...

I learned to accept Life and find the beauty of it..
I learned to appreciate and love the Life I have
All the Love I needed is right in front of me..

Then I asked God, Why are you so kind to me? 
So kind enough to help me realized 
the greatness of Life and the beauty of it

I will never be the person I am today 
if Life had been so easy to me..

Pina Colina - Perfect place to relax

Relax at PINA COLINA - Tagaytay Philippines 
(Mole Antolo)

I've been searching for a place to be private for awhile (as if artista), escape for awhile from work and to nosy people hehehe. While browsing the net for a place where I can make a reservation without using credit card (kasi I don't have one and I don't want one), the place catch my attention.The place have a nice scenery and I want to see it myself. 
So I check some reviews and make a reservation right away online then after a month I am off to +Pina Colina Resort . 

The resort is built on the pineapple plantation on top of the hill, so getting there through tricycle is already an adventure. 

Here's my very simple HOW TO GET THERE through commuting:
  • Since I don't have a car, i have motorcycle that I cannot use away from home (baka multuhin ako ni Inay), so from +Binan Laguna I take a jeepney to +Target Mall Sta Rosa then take the van going to Lipa just remind the driver to drop you at Olivarez Plaza Tagaytay City. Just be patience because the van will have to wait at least 10 passengers. Then from Olivarez plaza, take a tricycle to +Pina Colina Resort , the fare is only 70php.
  • Another commuting route will be from Manila, take a bus to Baclaran via Coastal Mall. Take a bus to Tagaytay -Olivarez via Aguinaldo Highway. Then take a jeepney to Olivarez Plaza or City Market then take a tricycle directly to +Pina Colina Resort . 

+Pina Colina Resort  have a cozy rooms where you can just sleep and relax all day. Just take a look at the room, this is the simplest room they have so just imagine other rooms that you might want to spent your nights.

If your body's in heat and you have nobody but you (hehehehe), well, just take a deep at the pool. You can have a cold drinks at the nipa hut like picnic table at the side of the pool. 

Their dining room is cozy too. We (yes may kasama ako,ano ako loner? Best to come here with someone or by groups) a very simple breakfast then off to make gala to Tagaytay. If you want to go around Tagaytay and you don't have a car, the staffs will call a tricycle for you then you can tell manong driver where you want to go, at least this is legit driver kasi kilala na ng resort staffs. 

I probably come here again, aside from they got a friendly staffs around who are so nice to take some of our photos kahit super kulit nang kasama ko "kuya kuya picture mo naman kami", pi-picture naman si kuya. This is one place you can be private and relax for a while. A very nice ambiance because the scenery, I would say is a breath taking. I would probably spent another vacation here. See you soon +Pina Colina Resort !

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Tagaytay will never be the same ...

so what's your story? My recent story starts here in @Tagaytay. 

Tagaytay would be a common place for others to see a palm trees, even +Mole Antolo (ahm.. that's me by the way) is also guilty of this concept before.

If we have relatives from far far away, Tagaytay would be the nearest place for us to bring them and make Pasyal to @picnic grove and visit the famous @Taal Volcano.

Tagaytay is just a place to visit if you want to escape from busy street of the Metro..

Just another place to stay if you can't afford the far away Baguio, don't get me wrong my dear readers because that is only my observation.

I've been through a lot for the last few months and I almost lost my sanity (FYI to those who think they know me well), to where and how to escape the reality. 
I keep bumping here and there, just to find a way out of it. Then I look up, look up, look up...

Tagaytay became one of the my favorite place to stay almost always of my life.

I find and I think this is a God given place for me to see the real meaning of Life.

The smell of the wind .. The breeze of the morning. The feeling of the real chill. 

It tells something that even I don't understand but all I know it gives me freedom and happiness..

An angel of God brought me to this place and my life was never been the same. It took me awhile to appreciate this place until I came to realize the reason why.

Others will find my action a very brave one or probably they will find me "kontrabida" of the story. 

Well I don't care about what they think, this is my story. I may be the "bida" or "kontrabida", well its for them to follow cause I know they will. 

Just remember that the shooting starts here in Tagaytay and more places to visit wherever my busy feet takes me.

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