Thursday, July 24, 2014

SUNDAY the 13th

This day is somewhat a heavy day of all my days.
Most of us avoid Friday the 13th but I have my own date to be sad and avoid, I guess...
Its SUNDAY the 13TH...
I am letting go a part of me, actually BIG part of me...

July 13, is the day when I bring @Bughaw to Quezon Province,my first own Dog, the love of my life, the very reason why I have this blog..

This big decision is not just because of the separation stuff , yes I am separated with my long time partner for some reason I won't be sharing here , maybe "balang araw".....

I need to relocate some of my 14 dogs and that includes Bughaw. Whhhhyyyyyy? That is the worst question I ask myself... Aside from health condition and financial reason, Bughaw had been a part of US. I can not move on with my life seeing Bughaw waiting for her other master everyday.
I will let her find a family where she can also start a new life coz I need to start mine too.

We need to be separated and with Bughaw's condition, she's 7yrs old, she need a fresh air to breath and a wide place to run and bark all her life. Quezon province is the best place for her to stay as well as her kids




They are love and well taken care by Me, BUT because I am living alone and with my asthma and all, I need to let them find a better place away from me.

Taking care of Dogs is not just saying "MAHILIG KASI AKO SA ASO",  a big responsibility is now on your shoulder and if they think they are no longer capable of providing the needs of their pets then its time to make a big decision. A responsible Dog owner and lover also thinks of their pet's need and their own health.

You are forever LOVE ..
Thank you for your loyalty and sweetness.
I can not explain the loneliness without you but this is part of moving on.
See you soon Bughaw, I LOVE YOU and  I know we will meet again, a season of our own...

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