Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Tagaytay will never be the same ...

so what's your story? My recent story starts here in @Tagaytay. 

Tagaytay would be a common place for others to see a palm trees, even +Mole Antolo (ahm.. that's me by the way) is also guilty of this concept before.

If we have relatives from far far away, Tagaytay would be the nearest place for us to bring them and make Pasyal to @picnic grove and visit the famous @Taal Volcano.

Tagaytay is just a place to visit if you want to escape from busy street of the Metro..

Just another place to stay if you can't afford the far away Baguio, don't get me wrong my dear readers because that is only my observation.

I've been through a lot for the last few months and I almost lost my sanity (FYI to those who think they know me well), to where and how to escape the reality. 
I keep bumping here and there, just to find a way out of it. Then I look up, look up, look up...

Tagaytay became one of the my favorite place to stay almost always of my life.

I find and I think this is a God given place for me to see the real meaning of Life.

The smell of the wind .. The breeze of the morning. The feeling of the real chill. 

It tells something that even I don't understand but all I know it gives me freedom and happiness..

An angel of God brought me to this place and my life was never been the same. It took me awhile to appreciate this place until I came to realize the reason why.

Others will find my action a very brave one or probably they will find me "kontrabida" of the story. 

Well I don't care about what they think, this is my story. I may be the "bida" or "kontrabida", well its for them to follow cause I know they will. 

Just remember that the shooting starts here in Tagaytay and more places to visit wherever my busy feet takes me.

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