Wednesday, January 22, 2014


AVILON ZOO, amazing animals to see
by: Mole Antolo

Travelling is one of my favorite relaxation. Every year, my partner and I make sure that our long vacation is something memorable. We consider vacation our precious time away from work. We often visit places and never missed to take photos. The beauty of nature gave me the reason to thank more to life.

So one of our vacations,we decided to make a short trip to AVILON ZOO , located in Barrio San Isidro,Rodriguez,Rizal. Before we started our little adventure, we asked friends how to get there. Unfortunately no one where able to help, because maybe the place is not very accessible to commuters, nobody can give us instruction on how to get there. They advice us, to rent a vehicle to make our trip easier. Hmm.. it is not a good suggestion for a "+kuripot" like me. Instead of paying for the vehicle, it will be more beneficial to add it to my "baon" budget instead.

Since we are so eager to get there through commute, we did a research of our own just to push our plan.

Here are my simple steps on HOW TO REACH +AVILON ZOO:

1. DIY or the DO-IT-YOURSELF Research:  We search the exact location of Avilon zoo then find some landmark along the road through the help of "+Google Map" for our road reference, it is important that you know how to read map. I take notes of the landmark, this is very important a road tripper need to remember , like what store, gasoline station , bank or school near the place you want to visit.

2. Get-up EARLY!!! : We woke up early and left at 4:35 am to be exact.(Hindi naman kami excited no?). We are from Cavite , so we avoid rush hour and wanted to be in Rizal early. We give ourselves a 1 hour buffer for our travel time. Check the "how-to -get there" , it did help us, I hope it will help you too. hehehe.

3. Make friend with Manong driver: Tricycles are the only means of transportation to the zoo and it is always special trip, meaning even if you ride alone you will still pay the fare of 60 to 80 pesos, quite expensive since the tricycle is quite difficult to maneuver because of the rough road, so the fare is fair enough. I suggest make friend to Manong tricycle driver so you can request him to return and fetch you  (for sure) in  your requested time. Tricycle drivers don't stay long there because they can't get a passenger since most of the visitors of Avilon zoo often have their own car or service.

The zoo opens at 8:00 am , so we waited for 30mins in +Noah's park resort , just beside the Avilon , they have a small sort of cafeteria inside so we have a coffee and crackers for breakfast. When the zoo finally open,"Wow! Sulit ang biyahe!", these are the words I utter upon seeing the amazing view and animals inside. +Avilon zoo is a large wildlife facility for both animals and plants, and my eyes just can't get enough of the beauty inside the zoo. From different beautiful birds, reptiles, fresh water fishes to animals that I only see before in Disney channel, now came to life before my very eyes! Probably it would take you 3 to 4 hours to stroll and visit the different animals. 

The kids and the kids at heart would surely love this place. There is also a small souvenir shop if you want to buy +pasalubong. Although the place is not very accessible but I guarantee it is one place where family and friends should bond. I hope my blog  gave you an idea on where to go on your next trip in the city.

Animals are God's gift to human and taking care of those creation of God is our way of saying "thank you Lord. You are really great!"

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

ASPIN owners? Stand up and be PROUD

A Salute for Philippine Dog: AsPin
By: MOLE Antolo

"+ASPIN”, short for +ASong Pinoy or Philippine Dog, is now the official call for Philippine’s local dogs not the usual “ASKAL” short for ASong Kalye or stray dogs. Personally, I really does not agree on calling them Askal since they are well taking cared. Some might says “ ang arte naman neto, ASKAL lang naman ang aso ” because I believe that even dogs have the right to be recognized as to what they really are.

        The difference of the two is that that from the word it self:  

      +ASPIN – Asong Pinoy is much proper tag for Philippine dogs and also acknowledge by +PAWS Philippines. This local breed dogs are dogs belong to a family and well taken care of.
Bughaw - 3rd week old
        ASPIN are smart too. Remember "+Tabang", who risk his life to save his human? or "+Saver" the wonder dog who knows every trick a hybrid dog knows?  We have 12 dogs but we never have problem with their poops, we place old newspapers on the corner of our house and they know that it is the place for there poops and pee. (Show you photos on my next post).

        I find ASPIN no difference compare to other breed of dogs. They are all the same; it is just a matter of how they are taking care of their humans.
Bughaw - 2yrs old.taking nap after playing

If you are planning to have one you need to be ready to gave them the following: 
  1. They need to be feed properly - Dogs loves to eat but be aware of their diet. Give them delicious and nutritious food to ensure they have a long, happy and healthy life as possible. A carrot is good substitute for commercial dog treats.  NO CHOCOLATE please even if they you gave the cutest eyes. Chocolate and raisins are bad for dog’s health. It sometimes causes their death.
  2. Safe shelter – When Bughaw was still a puppy we are content to live in a studio type of apartment but as Bughaw started to grow, we plan to move to a bigger house. Dog need a spacious place to move around. They are not like humans that whatever space it is, we can adapt easily. As a responsible pet owner you should be more considerate to your pet to avoid them from getting stress ( *a dog’s yawn is not a sign of being sleepy but a sign that they are very stress), but be sure to house train them well so that you will not get stress instead. 
  3. Plenty of hugs - This is the best thing your dog need. Dogs are like babies if treated right. When they are relaxed, extremely comfortable in their environment, and are “just chilling” with the person or people they love best. Just allow them in an environment of intimacy because they will absorb the love you give them.

Bughaw's Halloween costume

This is to give +Dog Lovers, like me, a good pat on the back for raising +wonderful dogs. For me, Dogs are like babies if treated right. They can make you forgot the whole day stress.

Dogs do smile. Look at +Bughaw make that sweet smile ( my own).

What you gave is what you get back in return. 
 You gave your pet your love and they will surely love you for real.

Good fortune will come to those who love God's creation.

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